This is going to be a list of Cities and what Leagues that were in. The leagues that will be here are Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer and all Other Sports.

This website was created to provide a central location for finding North American sports leagues and the cities in which they played, or planned to play in.

Cities are From Abbeville, Alabama to Zoar, Ohio and Baseball in North America,  all Other Sports that based in United States and Canada, Baseball, Hockey and Soccer in Mexico and Baseball and Soccer teams from Puerto Rico and  International Cities that played in Baseball and Basketball.

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Here are some helpful hints with this website -

/ means that city move to another City

- two (or three) Cities shared a Team

? - means not sure with this teams was located

????-???? - in years means not sure what year this team played in

a Star, *, next to a date means a proposed city to that league


Other websites that you can see theses cities and where/what leagues that play in, check out -,, and


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== THANKS ==

Would like thank you all the Newspapers and websites were I found all of these League.

There will be no new information for a while.

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